​​​​​​​​​​​New Regent Orientation

These items were shared at the Sept 2016 Board of Regents Orientation.

KCTCS Overview

  1. ​​​KCTCS History 
    1. Metamorphosis of Comprehensive College Dates
    2. Metamorphosis of Comprehensive College Narrative
    3. Resolution on the Consolidation of Services
    4. Resolution Approving the College District Organiza​tion Structure for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System
    5. Resolution Endorsing the Pursuit of Single Accreditation (SACS) for KCTCS Colleges
    6. KCTCS Milestones
  2. ​Organization Structure and KCTCS Colleges
    1. Kentucky Postsecondary Education Chart
    2. KCTCS Organizational Chart
    3. Functional Organizational Chart – System Office
    4. KCTCS Colleges Map
    5. President’s Leadership Team (PLT) List
  3. ​Compensation, Classification, and Employee Demographics
    1. KCTCS Personnel Systems
    2. KCTCS Employment Status Categories
    3. KCTCS Board of Regents Resolution Endorsing the Development of a KCTCS Compensation and Classification Program
    4. KCTCS Salary Schedule: 2016-17 Board Approved
  4. ​Budget 
    1. KCTCS Biennial Budget Request
    2. Summary of 2016-18 State Budget Operating and Capital Provisions for KCTCS
    3. 2016-17 KCTCS Annual Budget
  5. ​​Capital Construction 
    1. Capital Construction Process
  6. ​Strategic Planning
    1. KCTCS Strategic Planning and Measurement
    2. KCTCS Board of Regents Policy 4.9 KCTCS Policy on Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness​
    3. CPE: Stronger by Degrees (2016-2021): A Plan to Create a More Educated & Prosperous Kentucky
  7. ​KCTCS Foundation, Inc. 
    1. ​​Membership Listing

Travel and Reimbursement Information

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